Real Estate Certainties: Robert Rusty Tweed Points Out What All Rental Properties Have in Common

Robert 'Rusty' Tweed

May 24, 2022


All rental properties have a few things in common, explains real estate expert Robert Tweed. Understanding those commonalities can make all the difference in an investment.

Robert Tweed started his real estate career at age 22. These days, he’s involved in all types of real estate, including multi-family rentals, retail, and even raw land. Each type comes with differences and challenges, of course. However, the commonalities are often more important than the differences.

Robert Rusty Tweed on Passive Income

“All types of real estate can provide a great passive income stream,” Robert says. Robert understands the value of having a passive income. In fact, his own passive income is what let him move from Canada to California and expand his real estate business.

Over the past few years, the idea of passive income has gained popularity. Having a passive income can help people achieve their financial goals and gain some wiggle room. Real estate has become one of the most popular forms of passive income.

Rental Property Challenges

That said, this kind of investment does have challenges, which is another thing that all rental properties have in common. For example, Robert Tweed has dealt with something called “information asymmetry.”

“It’s a really common thing in the real estate industry,” Robert explains. Many parties can get involved with a single property. Not all of those parties will have the same information. One person may have a more accurate idea of the property’s value than the others, for example. For first-time real estate buyers, this asymmetry can cause a lot of confusion.

“You really have to do your research to make sure that you have the right information,” Robert says. “We do more than one appraisal and double-check all of our sources.”

The Value of Expertise

That research brings up the third thing that all rental properties have in common: they all require an expert’s touch. An expert like Robert Tweed, for example, doesn’t just understand laws and values. Robert also knows what to look for in a property, how to tell if a property will make a good investment, and more. Robert even knows what to do about health hazards like mold.

Having an expert who understands different types of properties can also help. As Robert explains, new investors want to know their options. They often have questions about which rental properties will work best for them. Someone like Robert can answer their questions and make sure they know everything they need to know.

“In this business, knowledge is everything,” says Robert. “The more research and experience you have, the better.”