Property Investor Rusty Tweed Warns New Buyers About Black Mold

Robert 'Rusty' Tweed

December 25, 2021

Property Investor Rusty Tweed Warns New Buyers About Black Mold

This month, property investor Rusty Tweed continues to warn new real estate buyers about black mold dangers. He teaches investors how to spot black mold and how to eradicate it.

Rusty Tweed, also known as Robert Tweed, has done his research. Now he warns new home buyers. He also sends the same messages to new real estate investors.

The Problem With Black Mold

Black mold releases toxic compounds into the air. This causes more than 2.5 million deaths per year as reported by RealTimeLab, a dotcom site. Most people probably would not die, however. Still, it also can cause a number of respiratory problems and can trigger asthma.

Black Mold Symptoms

Black mold symptoms include chronic headaches, persistent coughing and sneezing, eye irritations, runny nose, and throat mucus buildup, and rashes. Some people also might feel fatigued. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting or lung, and nose bleeding.

Robert Tweed says people need to watch out for these unexplained symptoms. He also says to look for areas in the home where black mold might grow.

Surfaces Where Mold Grows

Homeowners and professional investors might find it near leaking pipes. It also grows on water-damaged drywall, concrete, paper or fabric, and insulation. It even appears on aluminum, steel, and other metals.

Any area where excess moisture occurs, that’s where owners – and renters, by the way — find mold. It seems that mold also likes the darkness, which is why you see it in corners. When checking for black mold, property owners might also notice the less harmful blue and green types. Still, checking usually saves lives and prevents worsening of damages.

Places to Check for Black Mold

Inspectors usually look behind drywall, underneath sinks, and behind the refrigerator. Black mold also might grow under carpets, behind furniture or by leaking windows. For some reason, mold sometimes grows in closets where leather materials are stored.

HVAC lines and coils might also experience mold invasions. Do-it-yourself mold inspection kits do exist, but Rusty Tweed recommends calling a professional tester. A thorough examination of every inch of a property could save investors thousands of dollars.

Rusty Tweed involves himself in a number of pursuits that benefit real estate investors. Teaching beginners how to spot black mold when buying property is one of them. He also teaches people how to defer taxes when making like-kind real estate transactions.