How to Avoid Losing A lot of Money in the Real Estate Business as Relayed by Robert Tweed

Robert 'Rusty' Tweed

December 23, 2021

How to Avoid Losing A lot of Money in the Real Estate Business as Relayed by Robert Tweed

How to Avoid Losing A lot of Money in the Real Estate Business as Relayed by Robert Tweed

Robert Tweed tells about the lessons he learned after losing money on bad real estate practices. What are some of these lessons? How can someone else avoid doing this?  Words of advice from an expert that you ought to take to heart.  

Prepare for the Worst

What is meant by this?  In any business industry, the owner should be prepared for the worst scenario possible.  This rings true for the real estate business as well.  Before disaster strikes, role-play with other business associates and think of a couple of negative scenarios.  Then plan solutions for each.  Each plan should include the ability to be flexible since there really is no one way to plan for a disaster.  However, it is far better to know what you would do should you ever need to.  Ask mogul Robert Tweed, he will tell you to do this. 

Cutting Expenses is Important

Again, this is true in any type of business and real estate is included.  If you are just starting out, try your best to limit expenses at least until you begin earning significant profits.  If you are an experienced investor, you can still follow this advice.  You must not be spending more money than you are taking in says expert Robert Tweed.  Make a list of expenses, either current ones or planned ones.  Then see where you can implement some cuts.  Perhaps you subscribe to services that would be less expensive with a different but equal quality vendor.  Utility bills are also able to be lowered.  If you need some tips, most utility companies will offer suggestions. 

Start Out Small, Then Build Up Your Investment Portfolio

When investing in real estate as a beginner, you do not need to go hog wild.  Start out small with one or two properties.  Wait until they begin to earn a profit, then see about buying another one.  Do not over-extend yourself, especially to initiate yourself in the market.  By starting with a couple of properties you can learn what to do and what not to do before you expand.  This is what noted real estate guru Robert Tweed failed to do and learned a lesson in the process.  He wants to help others not to repeat his mistakes. 

Failing to Understand All Taxes and Relevant Laws

Many would-be investors make the mistake of failing to assess the tax implications of the real estate business.  It is best to find out any tax amounts, rules and regulations, and other legal responsibilities involved with owning real estate.  Robert Tweed understands this and was able to avoid disaster.  Mr. Tweed knows many an investor who did not do this.  They certainly paid the price for their negligence.  With the advantages of being able to find out anything important online, there is virtually no excuse for not being aware of applicable taxes and other legal issues afforded to real estate investing.