Rusty Tweed Thinks You Should Know These Top 5 Restaurants in the Glendale Area

Robert 'Rusty' Tweed

April 15, 2021

Rusty Tweed loves to stay busy with his various ventures in real estate and entrepreneurship, and he also loves great food. The city of Glendale, CA offers a wide variety of restaurants showcasing interesting culinary choices from Armenian to classic American BBQ. Rusty Tweed has spent a great deal of time traveling all over Los Angeles County engaging clients and associates in his real estate businesses and during that time he has come across many quality restaurants for both lunch and dinner.

Rusty Tweed Loves These Great Restaurants of Glendale CA

Living in California for many years, Rusty Tweed has explored the culinary scene in Glendale in Los Angeles County, and he discovered some fantastic eateries satisfying different tastes. Many Greek, Turkish, and Armenian offering are found in Glendale thanks to a thriving Armenian community. There are many other types of cuisine too from steak houses to cafés and bakeries. Here are some of Rusty’s top restaurants in Glendale:

  • Sevan Chicken Rotisserie – A well-known rotisserie restaurant with whole chickens and amazing garlic sauce. This is a good place to grab a quick satisfying meal with family or friends. One of the top picks in Glendale.
  • Damon’s Steak House – Not the typical steak house, Damon’s features a Tiki theme and even serves fish and chips along with great steaks. A nice place to sit and enjoy an interesting atmosphere with reasonably priced steaks and chicken dishes.
  • Carousel Restaurant – Perfect ambiance with a range of hot and cold dishes. The owners have been in business for many years and are passionate about their business. Carousel is a nice place to have a sit-down meal with a friend.
  • Raffi’s Place – Sumptuous kebabs and Armenian dishes. Raffi’s is good for groups who want to share delicious meals.
  • Rich’s BBQ – A classic BBQ offering with late-night hours and delicious standard BBQ dishes like chicken and ribs. Great for a quick stop when out on the town at night.

Glendale’s Vibrant Restaurant Scene

People visiting the beautiful city of Glendale in Los Angeles County California will find so many places to explore from beautiful museums and a bustling restaurant scene. A large Armenian community in Glendale has lent to the many middle eastern style restaurants. Savory dishes and exciting flavors abound. Rusty Tweed loves finding new restaurants when he is out on the town or taking a lunch break while working in his real estate pursuits.