Rusty Tweed Discusses Mold Symptoms And Why You May Need Mold Removal

Robert 'Rusty' Tweed

March 1, 2021

Rusty Tweed discusses mold symptoms and why you may need professional mold removal.

 Mold is a major issue in some homes. It can cause deterioration of the home and personal items, and it can greatly affect the health of anyone living there. Mold expert and owner of a mold removal company Rusty Tweed recently discussed the signs of mold in a home and when you may need help.

Rusty Tweed first explained that mold is in the fungi family, and spores can enter the home via windows, doors, pets, health, vents, clothing, and more. Mold spores grow when conditions are warm and moist and tend to congregate around leak pipes, in bathrooms, near windows, and in crawl spaces or attics.

“Mold can grow rapidly,” Rusty Tweed said. “It can be easy to spot in your home, unless in a location you don’t often see, such as your attic or a crawl space. It’s important to check these areas for mold frequently as they’re common areas for mold growth.”

Rusty Tweed explained that mold can take many colors and shapes. It can be nearly any color but is most commonly black or white. It can have a cottony, powdery, or even velvety texture. Rusty Tweed added that determining if a spot is mold or another substance, such as dirt or marker from a child’s drawing, can be performed in several ways.

“Mold is accompanied by an earthy or musty smell,” Rusty Tweed said. “This may be what you notice first.”

Rusty Tweed added that mold is generally found in areas with moisture and limited light. You may also notice that the material on which the mold is growing is peeling, cracking or warping in some way. Rusty Tweed added that mold will continue to grow while a typical stain or dirt will not.

Rusty Tweed explained that it’s important to remove mold as soon s you notice its presence. The cracking or warping it causes to surfaces can result in costly home damages and unchecked mold can grow at rapid rates. Even more, family members can become ill due to inhaling or touching mold spores.

“Removing and preventing mold in your home is best performed by mold removal experts,” Rusty Tweed said. “We will inspect the entire home for even the most minute areas of mold and attack them in a way that is long-term. Many at-home mold removal tactics only clear the mold for days or weeks.”

Rusty Tweed finished by stating that you should contact mold removal experts as soon as you notice mold in your home. It’s likely that if mold has inhabited one area, it is in other areas too. Mold that is not removed can cause major damage to the home and to everyone living inside.