Long Time Experienced Broker Robert Tweed Talks About Why He Chooses to Invest Out-of-state

Robert 'Rusty' Tweed

January 28, 2021

Robert Tweed, also commonly referred to as Rusty Tweed, continues helping, teaching, training, and consulting people on real estate matters, sharing information, expertise, and tips like why he chooses to invest in out-of-state properties. This isn’t anything new for Robert Tweed, however, as helping people and real estate are both familiar ground for the investment guru.

That familiarity covers a span of well over thirty years, and it was a long time ago when the then 22-year old Robert Tweed made his first real estate transaction. By 1987, Robert Tweed was flipping properties, and within a few short years, this growing real estate superstar had flipped more than 30 properties. Years after becoming an established real estate professional, Robert Tweed met the principles of a 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange. Today, Robert Tweed uses his experience in real estate, his knowledge of the benefits offered by a 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange, and his desire to help people as a platform to help, teach, educate, and advise investors of every socioeconomic arena.

More often than not people will find Robert Tweed using that platform to talk about and share his insights into real estate ventures and investments, like why he chooses to invest in out-of-state opportunities among other key concepts. And even people who are novice investors will get the benefits of having the experience and expertise of a long time broker like Robert Tweed on their side.

Using tools like the 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange, for example, Robert Tweed will help people understand how to use the “like-kind” principle. States are businesses too, and every business wants and needs customers, and these concepts and principles work together to create ideal circumstances for out-of-state investments. These are also ideas that Robert Tweed shares with his clients and why he supports and advises many people to invest in out-of-state properties.

It was a long time ago when Canadian-born Robert Tweed began his exploration into the world of real estate and investing. What remains the same, however, is a young man’s desire to learn and succeed, and to help others to do the same. Out-of-state property investments also represent only a small portion of his expertise and are only one page of the Robert Tweed portfolio.

Long time experienced broker Robert Tweed talks about why he chooses to invest out-of-state, and much more, and more people are listening today than ever before.