April 15, 2021

Rusty Tweed Thinks You Should Know These Top 5 Restaurants in the Glendale Area

Rusty Tweed loves to stay busy with his various ventures in real estate and entrepreneurship, and he also loves great food. The city of Glendale, CA offers a wide variety of restaurants showcasing interesting culinary choices from Armenian to classic American BBQ. Rusty Tweed has spent a great deal of time traveling all over Los […]

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January 28, 2021

Long Time Experienced Broker Robert Tweed Talks About Why He Chooses to Invest Out-of-state

Robert Tweed, also commonly referred to as Rusty Tweed, continues helping, teaching, training, and consulting people on real estate matters, sharing information, expertise, and tips like why he chooses to invest in out-of-state properties. This isn’t anything new for Robert Tweed, however, as helping people and real estate are both familiar ground for the investment guru. […]

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